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Healthy Bodies, Happy Minds uses a hands-on, seed-to-table approach to help people demystify the latest fads in health and nutrition and embrace a lifestyle based on real, whole foods.  Our programs recognize that there are many factors that contribute to our overall sense of nourishment and fulfillment and address areas like movement, sleep, stress as well as nutrition. Healthy Bodies, Happy Minds is paving the way toward a healthier generation of families and children; we will guide you to find the food and lifestyle choices that best support you and your family and will help you make gradual, lifelong changes that enable you to reach your current and future health goals.


About The Founder

Susanna DeRocco is passionate about kids, moms, fitness and food!  Living with a few picky eaters of her own, her ultimate goal is for you not to throw in the towel when it comes to providing quick and healthy meal options for you and your family.  Having worked with kids & students of different ages and backgrounds for over 20 years, and with many busy moms, Susanna combines her passion for real food, her enthusiasm for helping people, and her background in education and nutrition with her desire to help families make real, long-lasting changes in their lives. 


She believes there are things you can do — pretty easy things — to help demystify nutrition when it comes to feeding yourself and your kids.  Her goal is to help families make sense of nutrition by helping them prepare and experience first-hand the tremendous benefits of eating whole foods; experiences and skills people will have for life.  An advocate for children's nutrition with a focus on feeding kids healthy, whole-foods, Susanna has committed herself to nurturing a healthier generation of kids and families.


Susanna is a mother, health & fitness enthusiast and great-outdoors lover who holds a BA in Communication, an MS in Experiential Education and is a certified Health Coach and Nutrition Counselor.  She believes that each of us deserves to feel nourished, energetic and joyful in our lives and that food should be enjoyed,  not feared.  She is an appointed member of the Baltimore County School Health Council, contributes to the Baltimore County Department of Health Services Health Coalition and is a member of Slow Food Baltimore.  She has been  known to make meals that nobody in her family will eat, but is learning not to take it personally. She is thrilled to have a dog back in her life and is trying to curb her love affair with black licorice. 


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